A few updates and notes on what’s going on

It’s been a bit so I figured I might want to provide a few updates as to what’s going on, in case my mom is reading.

The Bluesman

My novel, The Bluesman, is rapidly heading toward publication. It should hit the shelves in paperback and ebook format prior to Christmas. I’m still working on the cover and the blurb, but…

Jim “Jimbone” Willis was a legendary, but washed-up bluesman on a comeback until someone stuck a knife in him. As private investigator Addison Carlysle looks into the estate at the request of the family, people keep dying. Sex, money, and drugs, and rumors that the devil is walking the dirt roads of Clarksdale once again, making deals with bluesmen…

The second book, Country Boy, is well under way with a projected publication date in the summer.

The Shack and Other Stories

I published The Shack and Other Stories mainly to experiment with formatting and self publishing. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and grateful, that it has actually sold a few copies.


If you are interested, it is a mini-collection of crime and mystery short stories. Each story is fairly short, and most explore what I’d call the gray areas of morality and ethics. In other words, is it OK to commit a bad (or evil) act in the name of goodness?

The ebook version is available from major e-retailers and is currently on sale for 99 cents until Oct. 31. The paperback version is available from Amazon.

Varied Stories

I have a few other updates to share.

First, there are two novellas, both of which are a different take (even from each other) on the werewolf story. Caleb and The Boy. Both are shaping up to be novellas and will be published as their own books.

Mayfield is another short story in the horror vein, but pulpy and old school. It has a huge snake and in my view is fun. The rough draft is complete. I’m tweaking and revising and will see how best to publish it.

The Painting, a short story in the horror vein, is making the rounds. I guess it would be classified as Christian horror fiction. I do wonder if that chills the interest a little.

Social Media

As things are starting to move more, I’ve become more active on social media. Primarily, I’m focusing on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to follow me there.

Finally, I’m preparing to launch an email newsletter in the next few weeks. Interested? You can subscribe at this link. This periodic (probably monthly) newsletter will contain all sorts of news and information about mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres.

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